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You will have seen that NNDC have set up an engagement website to consult with North Walsham on the design of the future Western Development. https://northwalshamextension.north-norfolk.gov.uk/ It is really important that everyone visits this and to make any comments or suggestions. Now is the time to make your views known
Your Town Council has been involved for some time in influencing the nature of this major change to the town.
– Our Town Strategy Survey in 2017 prepared us for the future Local Plan with comments and input from the community.
– When the NNDC’s draft Local Plan was published in 2019, we held well attended public meetings to gauge the views of the town. We subsequently submitted a very extensive response, stressing the absolute importance of the necessary infrastructure improvements and the provision of public services in advance of construction. We particularly insisted that the new link road should continue into the industrial estate so that HGV could be removed from Aylsham Road and the town centre, and also to make the site’s accessibility more attractive to potential industrial employers.
– We have since employed experts with experience in developments of this scale and have worked with them to generate suggested layout and land use of the Western site that will avoid it being simply a commuter dormitory development, and which will link into the existing town in ways that will enhance it rather than damage it.