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Councillors main roles are representing the interests of the community and providing, maintaining and developing facilities within that community. Councillors are usually elected onto the Council by the Parishioners’ they represent for a period of 4 years, their role starts on the 4th day following the election as previous Councillors don’t officially retire until the 4th day. Elections are usually on the first Thursday in May, meaning new Councillors would take office from 0:01 on the Monday morning.

There is a total of 16 Councillors Town Councillors covering 5 Wards (North, East, West, Town Centre East & Town Centre West).

The Town Council is the 1st tier of Local Government, with North Norfolk District Council the 2nd tier and Norfolk County Council the 3rd tier.

If you are interested in becoming a Councillor please see the Guidance for Candidates – Part 1 can you stand for election and Part 2a independent candidate.

If you wish to complain about a Councillor, please fill out the members code of conduct complaint form and email to the Monitoring Officer at info@eastlaw.org.uk


Mayor - Councillor Bob Wright

Councillor Bob Wright

contact: cllrwright@nwtc.org.uk

Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor - Councillor Penney Spall

Councillor Penney Spall

contact: cllrspall@nwtc.org.uk

Town Councillors

West Ward

Lucy Shires - West Ward Town Councillor

Lucy Shires

contact: lucy.shires.cllr@norfolk.gov.uk


Mal Gray -  - West Ward Town Councillor

Mal Gray

contact: councillormalgray@gmail.com

Born in West Norfolk, I moved to North Walsham in 2006.
I am the proud owner of a local business within North Walsham Market Place, and also a resident within the Town.
I became a Town Councillor in the May 2019 elections as I wanted to help others.

Eric Seward



Eric is also Chairman of North Walsham in Bloom, so has the best interests of the town at heart.
Eric was previously a councillor for both North Norfolk District Council and Norfolk County Council.

Paul Brand



I have lived in North Walsham for the last 35 years, although for the majority of that time I’ve worked away from home.
An initial career in retail and commercial banking/lending lead me into the world of property development, where I have spent the last 20 years delivering new healthcare facilities and affordable older persons housing projects across England.
As a recently co-opted member of the Town Council, I plan to use my varied experiences for the benefit of the people of North Walsham.

The following streets form the West Ward

Angel Drive
Aylsham Rd
Bailey Rd
Banningham Crt
Barton Close
Bayes Court
Birds Road
Bradfield Close
Bradfield Rd
Brookes Drive
Burton Avenue
Burton Close

Buxton Road
Cherry Tree Lane
Coronation Walk
Cosy Corner
Cousens Close
Cromer Rd
Currie Close
Duncan Way
Durrell Way
Ewing Road
Fairstead Close
Fenn Close

Field View
Folgate Road
Fuller Road
Gigli Close
Greens Road
Heath Road
Hornbeam Road
Howlett Close
Kemp Road
Kendall Close
Ketts Road

Laburnum Road
Laundry Loke
Lyngate Gardens
Lyngate Road
Millard Close
Millfield Road
Morris Road
Norfolkman Dr
Northfield Road
Norwich Road
Oak Close
Oak Road

Princes Street
Rayna Loke
Recreation Road
Regents Court
Roper Way
Sendall Road
Skeyton New Rd
Skeyton Road
Skeyton View
Smedley Close
South Rise

Station Road
Suffield Close
Sunny Corner
The Green
Weavers Close
Wells Avenue
Westwick Drive
Windmill Loke
Wood View
Wrights Close

East Ward

Paul Heinrich - East Ward Town Councillor

Paul Heinrich

contact: cllr.paul.heinrich@gmail.com

Originally from Ridlington, I moved to North Walsham in the 1960’s.
University and a career in education took me away until recent retirement, when I moved back to Norfolk.
I joined NWTC, having served on Parish and District Councils previously and wanting to give back to my community.

Penney Spall - East Ward Town Councillor

Penney Spall

contact: cllrspall@nwtc.org.uk

I was born and lived in Essex until 2014, when I moved my family to Norfolk and in 2017 I moved to North Walsham.
I was made redundant at the start of lockdown 2020 and in July 2020 I got keys to start my own business in North Walsham (this is a life long dream) I have now just become a Town Councillor as I want to support and help the Town .

Laura Eastwick - East Ward Town Councillor

Laura Eastwick

contact: cllreastwick@nwtc.org.uk

I was born in Norwich and moved this way around 2012, since then I have lived and worked around North Walsham. I have always worked in childcare and have recently purchased a small nursery which provides a service for many local families. I have joined the Council as a way of giving back to the local community and plan to do this to the best of my abilities.

Julia Beach - East Ward Town Councillor

Julia Beach

contact: councillor.juliabeach@gmail.com

My family and I moved to North Walsham in April 2020. 
Having worked within the NHS, Charities and especially local Government for nearly 30 years in many different departments.
I feel my experience and life skills will enable me to help benefit the local community in the future, as I have previously.
I was co-opted onto the Council in October 2021

Sue Richardson - East Ward Town Councillor

Sue Richardson

contact: suerichardson1234@gmail.com

I became a Councillor in July 22. With a background in nursing, I worked in and around North Walsham, and have great belief in the people and values of our town.  Whilst I encourage change, I believe we need to incorporate everyone’s views, young, old and new members of our community to have a vested interest, and their voices need to be heard and respected

Tracey Ginbey



My husband and I moved to North Walsham along with my parents in 2016 and I started working for an Independent Financial Advisers in Cromer in 2019.
We were so impressed by the warm welcome we received, by everyone we met, I felt I would like to reciprocate.
Initially, as for many of us during this period, Covid stood in the way, but only served to make me more determined to be of use to our community.
I believe in our town, but feel we can and need do more to support all those who live, work and visit here.

The following streets form the East Ward

Acorn Road
Alder Close
Anchor Road
Antingham Drive
Arnold Pitcher Close
Ashfield Road
Bacton Road
Bainbridge Close
Beechwood Close
Benets View
Birch Close
Bloom Court
Bluebell Road
Brunswick Close

Campion Close
Chestnut Avenue
Cooper Road
Cradlewood Road
Crow Road
Fairview Road
Farm View
Fern Drive
Field Lane
Foxglove Close
Furze Hill Drive
Glebe Court
Stanley Road
Hamlet Close

Hannant Road
Happisburgh Road- odd Nos
Harmer Close
Holgate Road
Hollybush Road
Honeysuckle Close
Little London Road
Manor Court
Manor Road
Majoram Close
Marshgate-from No.7 odd & evens

Masters Court
Mayfield Way
Meeting Hill Road
Melbourne Road
Mundesley Road- even from No. 50
Nelson Road
Park Avenue
Pickford Close
Plantation Road
Poppy Close
Pound Road-odd

Preston Road
Primrose Walk
Royston Green
Rye Close
Sadlers Way
Saint Benets Avenue
Saint Nicholas Road
Stanley Road
Swafield Rise
Sycamore Close
Tenison Road
The Lea

Valley Gardens
Waterfield Meadows
Webbs Close
Wharton Drive
Wherry Close
WhiteHorse Common
William Paston Road
Willow Close
Woodbine Close
Wooll Drive
Cangate Lodge

North Ward

Barry Hester - North Ward Town Councillor

Barry Hester

contact: cllr.barryhester@btinternet.com

I was born Hertfordshire in 1957 and moved to North Walsham in 2004 via Middlesex, Bedfordshire and Hampshire.
I have worked in Telecommunications and IT all my life until January 2018 when I was medically retired as a Civil Servant.
I have been a Town Councillor since May 2011 as I wanted to try and help to regenerate the town.

Toby Bunton



Born and raised in the local town of Stalham. I know the town well and I want to promote the continuation of its growth. I want to see new and existing businesses thrive within the town and encourage everyone to have their say on changes the town needs.

The following streets form the North Ward

Acacia Drive- 1-3
Beatrice Close
Beech Drive
Corbett Road
Debenne Road
Garden Close

Gooch Close
Hadfield Road
Hamilton Close
Harbord Close
Hardy Close
Harvey Drive

Hazell Road
Hipperson Close
Juler Close
Lynfield Road
Lyngate Road
Meadow Close

Mundesley Rd-odd numbers
Nelson Way
Northfield Road
Northmead Dr

Oaklands Park
Orchard Close
Osbourne Close
Page Close
Patch Meadow

Pellew Place
Petre Close
Shepherds Close
St Marys Way
Williams Way

Town Centre East Ward

David Covell - Town Centre East Ward Town Councillor

David Covell

contact: dg.covell@googlemail.com

I have lived in North Walsham for 12 years and Norfolk since birth.
As a long term resident I am keen to ‘get the town moving’, by promoting the growth of businesses. I would like to promote tourism and hospitality by making use of vacant and overgrown sites, attracting visitors to the shops and businesses.

Steve Dibbens - Town Centre East Ward Town Councillor

Stephen Dibben

contact: sdibben221@gmail.com

The following streets form the Town Centre East Ward

Bacton Road
Baker Close
Cedar Court
Church Street
Dixon Road
Farman Avenue
Glaven Close
Greenway Close

Grove Road
Hall Lane
Happisburgh Rd-even Nos
Kimberly Road
Kings Close
Lime Tree Road
Litester Close

Long Barrow Drive
Market Place
Market Street
Marshgate 1-5
Mill Road
Mitre Tavern Yard
Mundesley Road-even to No. 28

New Road
North Street
Old Bear Court
Park Court
Paston Court
Plumbly Close
Pound Rd-even

Randell Close
Redman Road
Reeves Court
Spenser Avenue
Spurdens Crescent
St Nicholas Court
The Close

Thirlby Road
Thomas Dix Court
Vicarage Court
Vicarage Street
Wilkinson Way
Witton View
Youngmans Close

Town Centre West Ward

I was born in Ongar, Essex, and I moved to Norwich for work in 1981 and then to North Walsham in 1992.
I am a retired Civil Engineer.
I offered myself for election to the Town Council as I believe it’s important to make use of your life skills to get involved in your community.

The following streets form the Town Centre West Ward

Acacia Dr – No. 4
Angel Court
Avenue Road
Aylsham Road

Bank Loke
Black Swan Loke
Cromer Road
Ellinor Road

Grammar School Road
Grange Court
Headley Drive
Kidas Way

Kings Arms Street
Legrice Crescent
Market Place
Market Street

Morrison Close
Park Lane
Sampson Road
Simpson Close

The Hollies
The Terrace
Trafalgar Court
Yarmouth Road

District Councillors

Lucy Shires - West Ward District Councillor

West Ward

Lucy Shires

contact: lucy.shires.cllr@norfolk.gov.uk

Paul Heinrich - East Ward District Councillor

East Ward

Paul Heinrich

contact: paul.heinrich@north-norfolk.gov.uk

Richard Sims -  Market Cross District Councillor

Market Cross

Richard Sims

contact: cllr.rsims@aol.com

Garry Bull -  East Ward District Councillor

East Ward

Garry Bull

contact: cllrgarrybull@gmail.com

Don Birch - West Ward District Councillor

West Ward

Don Birch

contact: don.birch@north-norfolk.gov.uk

County Councillors

Saul Penfold - West Ward County Councillor

West Ward

Saul Penfold

contact: saul.penfold.cllr@norfolk.gov.uk

Lucy Shires - East Ward County Councillor

East Ward

Lucy Shires

contact: lucy.shires.cllr@norfolk.gov.uk