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Complaints – Code of Practice


This Complaints process was adopted by the Council at its meeting held on 26.11.19

If you wish to lodge an official complaint please fill out our Complaints Form and email to Complaints@nwtc.org.uk.

The Complaints Procedure sets out procedures for dealing with any complaints that anyone may have about North Walsham Town Council’s administration or procedures.  Complaints cannot be made confidentially and apply to the Town Council’s employees only.

Complaints against Councillors need to be made to the Monitoring Officer at NNDC.

Complaints from employees about the Council as an employer need to be dealt with by the Councils Grievance procedure.

Complaints against procedure decisions made by the Council shall be referred back to Council.


If a complaint is received verbally to a Councillor or the Clerk, they should seek to satisfy the complaint fully.   If the complaint is about the Clerk, it should be made directly to the Chair of the Council.


If the complaint is not resolved, the complainant should be asked to submit a written complaint to the Clerk or the Chair to the Council.  Receipt should be provided along with the Complaint Form within 7 days.


On receipt of a written complaint the Chair of the Council or the Clerk, should try to settle the complaint directly.  If the complaint is about the Clerk, it should be made directly to the Chair of the Council.


No complaint shall be settled without first notifying the person being complained against and giving them an opportunity to comment.


The Clerk or Chair of the Council shall bring any written complaint that has not been resolved to the Chair or Vice Chair of Personnel & Governance Committee.  A Panel will be formed by the Personnel and Governance Committee to consider the Complaint. 


The Personnel Committee shall consider if the circumstances surrounding the complaint warrant the matter being discussed in the absence of the press and public or in public session.


When the final decision has been made it will be reported to Full Council in public session.


As soon as possible after the decision has been made, it and the nature of any action to be taken shall be communicated in writing to the complainant. 


The decision is final, and no appeals will be considered.