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Friesenried (Twin Town)

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 link with Friesenried was first established over twenty years ago when the Friesenried Town Council applied, through the British Council in London, for possible twinning with small towns or villages in the Norfolk area. At that time both the Village Council and the Town Council decided not to formalise the twinning because of the possible expense involved and so an unofficial link was formed between the two communities. Since then many exchange visits have been arranged and are now on a bi-annual basis. Needless to say, over the past years many lasting friendships have been formed between families.

Friesenried is a small town in Bavaria, about 60 miles south of Munich and less than an hour by car from the foothills of the Alps. In fact a trip up the mountains is usually one of the highlights of our visit to them. Life is very different there. Friesenried is one of a group of 5 small towns / villages in a very pastoral area where one is usually lulled to sleep by the sound of cow-bells from the nearby fields. Life is centred around the Church, the school and the Gasthous which doubles as the local community centre.

New members are always welcome to join the association. We hold two or three social get togethers each year when we get to know each other and this helps us to provide a welcoming group for our visitors when they arrive. Annual visits occur between both towns. Guests stay with families, many of whom have already formed good friendships through several exchange visits and new friendships will be formed also.

For more information contact: Steve 01953 607119 or Dianne 01692 402726